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Very little is known about 'ol JT Stockard other than nobody likes him and he's never invited to any Christmas party. It's a solid fact that he has failed (miserably ) in every attempt as a cartoonist/writer and this one you're holdin' ain't likely to be th' exception. At th' present time, no known warrant is out for him but th' day ain't over, is it?

Books By J T Stockard

Way Out West and Beyond By: J T  Stockard

Way Out West and Beyond

By: J T Stockard

Only once in a lifetime does a book come along like this one and we should thank God fer that blessin.” -Wiley “Swamp Cat” Jung- “To tell th’ honest truth about it it’s a dadgum waste of ink.” -Othar Berengeroth- “I admit I laughed like hyena in heart and I woulda laughed a lot longer if’n I could read.” -Roy “Fast Draw” Waldene- “I liked it….I truly did but some popcorn would have made it better.” -Sister Olna Francine- “Obviously this crummy creative effort is sheer insanity depicted on expensive paper.” -Rev. Wolfgang O’Reilly- “Who ever heard of a book without a single recipe in it?” -Maude Baruch- “Think about it th’ money you’re gonna spend fer this here book could buy fine GIG MACS and a FISH sandwich.” -Roman Tweeble Jones-

Price: $12.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9823005-2-7

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