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    Author: Gary Hastings

Carolina Connection By: Gary Hastings

Carolina Connection

By: Gary Hastings

In this third book in the New York Chief of Detectives Series, Gary Hastings takes us inside a major NYPD homicide investigation. Chief of Detectives Pat O’Connor sends an investigative team of crack New York City Detectives to rural Stokes County, North Carolina, where a body of a teenage girl, reported missing from New York City, is found buried in Hanging Rock State Park.

            This investigation, being conducted by the Stokes County Sheriff and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, becomes complicated as jurisdictional issues and egos clash. Pat O’Connor is forced to navigate the challenges of a multi-jurisdictional investigation without compromising the integrity of their on-going efforts. The team searches for the identity of a suspect, who may be a serial killer, posing a serious threat to the streets of New York.

            You are given a front row seat in this exciting investigation, as detectives seek to determine THE CAROLINA CONNECTION!

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 9780998235226

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Case Closed By: Gary Hastings

Case Closed

By: Gary Hastings
People have always been fascinated with detectives and the art of criminal investigation. From the Sherlock Holmes stories of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to the latest episode of the hit television series “CSI Crime Scen Investigation” people have been hooked. True crime books line the shelves of bookstores and America is fascinated with all of it. These shows and the media have educated the public into a certainty that even the most complicated crime can be successfully solved in an hour of prime time television. Detectives are sometimes portrayed as having almost mystical powers as they decipher the complicated details of a heinous crime. Detectives do develop impressive insight and the ability to recreate a series of events leading up to a crime. This however is the result of extensive experience professional training modern science and technology. For many years the art of criminal investigation has been described as the process of answering the five “W’s” and one “H.” These questions are Who? What?When? Where? Why? and How? Asking the right questions still offers much direction in the investigation of crime. Conducting a criminal investigation is the process of answering those questions in a manner that is productive legal and ethical. Knowing the questions that need answering can lead to a successful investigation.

Price: $24.95 | ISBN: 978-0-9846137-9-6

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Forgotten By: Gary Hastings


By: Gary Hastings

In this second book in the New York Chief of Detectives Series, Pat O'Connor leads a hand-picked team of detectives in the re-investigation of a cold case involving the death of a retired NYPD Detective. New evidence surfaces launching a major criminal investigation, which rocks the command staff of the NYPD and the entire New York Criminal Justice System. The investigation extends far beyond the confines of New York City. Pat O'Connor cuts through the red tape of New York City politics and FBI bureaucracy as he pursues his passion for justice.

Price: $25.00 | ISBN: 9780986030086

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New York Chief of Detectives By: Gary Hastings

New York Chief of Detectives

By: Gary Hastings

George McBain continued his examination of the body and noticed a silver chain around the victim’s neck. It was covered in a plastic tube for comfort. George had seen these chains before and he could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He gently pulled out the chain and his fears were instantly realized. The chain was attached to a square leather case. On the front was an all- too-familiar sunburst gold shield lettered ‘City of New York Police Detective.’ George turned it over and read the NYPD identification identifying the victim as Detective Second Grade Anthony P. Rodriguez. NYPD Chief of Detectives Pat O’Connor leads a hand-selected team of veteran detectives in the investigation of the murder of one of their own a New York City Police Detective. Using his skill and powerful resources he negotiates the red tape and politics of New York City while refusing to compromise his relentless pursuit of the killer. New York Chief of Detectives puts you in the front seat of this major criminal investigation.

Price: $23.00 | ISBN: 9.78098E+12

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By: Gary Hastings

Gary Hastings takes us to the popular North Carolina coast for a non-stop novel of the Secret Service. Special Agent Frank Nolan is a veteran agent assigned to the Wilmington office. Following a lead from the New Hanover County Sheriff’s Office, Frank launches an investigation that leads to violent confrontations in Carolina Beach and beyond. You will find yourself in the front seat of an international investigation that reaches to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue as Nolan and the men and women of the United States Secret Service try to prevent an assassination of the President of the United States.

Price: $25.00 | ISBN: 9780991266074

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    Author: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Duo Of Opposites By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Duo Of Opposites

By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Duo Of Opposites Once na've Amy Cunningham leaves her childhood home there is no turning back,  not even after she is involved in an accident that robs her of everything she owns. Still fighting the demons of her past she is rescued by mysterious Jason Broughton who is touring the country on his Harley-Davidson. They both expect to separate as soon as a doctor is found to treat her wounds but when the angry doctor sees her injuries as a crime they are forced to flee for their lives. Unforeseen dangers and circumstances keep throwing the unlikely twosome together. As their conflicting personalities surface it leads the reader to wonder if this pair of opposites can ever become a duo.

Price: $16.95 | ISBN: 0-9725031-7-x

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Echoes Of Mercy By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Echoes Of Mercy

By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

A thunderous explosion in the graveyard made us all jump and several people scream. The air in the southeast corner of the cemetery was immediately filled with dust debris and chunks of granite tombstone. Thus begins the newest adventure of Reverend Willa Hinshaw the Assistant Minister at First United Methodist Church in Liverpool NC. Did Elva Kingfield have a bomb in the flowers that she placed on her husband's grave only minutes before the explosion? Is Leo Kingfield's ghost really visiting Elva as she claims it is? By befriending Elva is Reverend Willa placing her own life in jeopardy? And of course the question that was raised in Lynette Hall Hampton's first novel JILTED BY DEATH will the romance between Willa and the Baptist preacher Trent Freeman come to a satisfying end? In ECHOES OF MERCY Lynette Hall Hampton reaches out into the town of Liverpool to introduce the reader to several new characters while bringing back many that we know from her first novel.

Price: $13.95 | ISBN: 978-0-9790949-9-6

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Fun With The Bible By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Fun With The Bible

By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

FUN WITH THE BIBLE is a challenging activity book that teaches Bible history as one matches wits with the puzzles word-find games and other thought provoking activities. It is not intended that the book make a person feel they know all about the Bible but it will give them some basic knowledge about the characters and events that the Bible contains. Though the book is written for young adults anyone from eight to eighty will enjoy this stimulating book and will have fun with the Bible.

Price: $6.99 | ISBN: 0-9725031-7-x

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Writer To Writer By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Writer To Writer

By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

WRITER TO WRITER (The writing book I wish I'd had 20 years ago) is a book that gives sage advice to the seasoned as well as the beginning writer. One reading is not enough to grasp the impact that this book can have on a newbie's writing career. It touches on all aspects of writing and of the feelings that a fledging writer goes through. The easy to read short chapters give encouragement stimulation and a feeling that you don't have to be alone as a writer. As the author takes the reader through the events that led to her publication one gets the sense that they can do it too.

Price: $12.99 | ISBN: 0-9725031-1-0

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