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    Author: D E Joyner

Family Shorts By: D E  Joyner

Family Shorts

By: D E Joyner

Family Shorts is a compilation of stories written for all age groups. It is sure to arouse the interest of family members from the very young to seniors. The stories are:

WILEY THE DOG OF THE DAY - A human story about the inhumane treatment of man’s best friend.
GOING FISHING - Delves into the thinking of a small boy. His near tragic fishing trip causes him to rethink things that are truly important.
THE CAT THAT CAME BACK - Rusty the cat lets his curiosity get him into a world of trouble.
THE LEGEND OF RED MARE - is almost certain to bring tears to the eyes of the reader. This short saga will interest all family members.
SNAKE - The very word brings chill bumps out on many people. A great read for those who fear snakes.
FLASHBACK - A story for the mature reader. It is about one of the addictions many families face.
AN ANNIVERSARY TO REMEMBER - These seniors learn things are not always as they appear.
A CHRISTMAS PAST - A story of how some family members sacrifice to show love and generosity during a depressed Christmas Season.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 976810891

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Mistaken Identity By: D E  Joyner

Mistaken Identity

By: D E Joyner

Are you the patient’s brother?” The doctor asked placing his hand on Edward’s shoulder. “I am. Is he going to be alright?” “Let’s go into a waiting room” the doctor said solemnly. He started toward the room ahead. He motioned Edward to sit as they entered the quiet peaceful room. Sixteen year old Robert Thompson’s life seemed almost too perfect. Who would want to end it? And why? With scant evidence Detective Captain Moe Garrett begins an investigation of this baffling case. Drawing on his expertise and the astuteness of fellow detective Sid Morrison they work relentlessly to solve the crime. In the process old family wounds are opened that threaten to tear the Thompson family apart.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9815763-3-6

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Who Killed Zaida Moore? By: D E  Joyner

Who Killed Zaida Moore?

By: D E Joyner
Zaida Moore’s death was not the result of a fall down winding well carpeted stairs. Thus ended the coroner’s report setting into motion a homicide investigation headed by one of the best Detective Moe Garrett who has been unable to name a suspect. When blood and fingerprints appear on a possible murder weapon the impatient father of the victim hires a private investigator to further the investigation.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 976810891

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    Author: Elizabeth Hawn

Sifting Through Secrets By: Elizabeth Hawn

Sifting Through Secrets

By: Elizabeth Hawn

The quiet little town of Oak Hill North Carolina is shocked when highway construction unearths a human skeleton with a bullet hole in its skull—and horrified when a beloved educator is murdered in her home a few days later. But help is on the way because . . . IDA MAE AND CLAUDIA ARE ON THE CASE!

Pushing eighty but ready for adventure the two women are neighbors in a retirement community. Between them Ida Mae who is white and Claudia who is African-American know almost everything there is to know about the town. If they pool their knowledge can they solve the crimes ahead of Oak Hill’s two police detectives and an eage but clueless newspaper reporter?

Suspects include a shady real estate developer a teenage drug dealer a family of moonshiners a mysterious stranger with dragon tattoos and a wealthy woman who has returned to Oak Hill after a sixty-year absence.

Join in the fun as Ida Mae and Claudia sift through Oak Hill’s secrets to untangle mysteries in the past and present!

Price: $16.95 | ISBN: 978-0-9796866-7-2

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    Author: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Christmas Wedding By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Christmas Wedding

By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Wilmington’s social event of the season is about to unfold: Ashley and Melanie’s lavish Christmas-theme double wedding to their princes charming, Jon and Cameron. Vows will be exchanged at St. James Church, out-of-town guests are comfortably ensconced at picturesque B&Bs, and the wedding planner is none other than Colin Cowie himself. What could possibly spoil the nuptials? A hypercritical mother-in-law known to an older generation as the Sweetheart of the Silver Screen? A Wall Street hunk who has vowed to proclaim his love for one of the brides? A “Queen of the Tarot Cards” bridesmaid who is predicting catastrophe for the wedding day? Or is it the mysterious wedding crasher whose life of lies just might cost the brides their own?


Price: $3.99 | ISBN: 0

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Dead Ringer By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Dead Ringer

By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

There’s a serial killer on the loose in New York City. Young, successful, and highly popular television anchorwoman Kate Callahan is hosting interviews about the killer dubbed The Strangler. Four young women have been abducted then brutally murdered by the psychopathic serial killer. What the police are not telling the public is that all four of the women were dressed in period costumes prior to their untimely deaths. The police are baffled as to what this clue might mean. Unwittingly, Kate becomes much closer to the killer than she realizes for while covering a story on stolen paintings, Kate interviews the killer. What she doesn’t realize is her uncanny resemblance to a famous portrait marks her as his next target.


Price: $3.99 | ISBN: 0

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Lady Justice By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Lady Justice

By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

US Attorney General Ann Kelly has sworn to “defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” As head of the Department of Justice, Ann leads the charge against domestic terrorism in the form of church arsons and political assassinations. The battle turns personal when Ann’s dear friend, former Gulf War hero and now US Senator, Samuel Claiborne, is murdered in his Georgetown home. In a fast-paced explosive ending, Ann’s own life is on the line as she leads her team in an armed battle against a renegade militia group intent on destroying society as we know it.



Price: $3.99 | ISBN: 0

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Much Ado About Murder By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Much Ado About Murder

By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

As the historic Thalian Association is about to celebrate its 225th anniversary, Ashley and her family are involved with preparations for the celebratory events. Brothers-in-law, Ray and Cameron, announce a contest for best musical. The winner will receive a large cash prize and the winning musical will be produced as a stage play by the Thalian Association and then made into a movie. With Wilmington known as Wilmy-wood, the Hollywood of the East, there is certain to be enough raw talent to produce the play and movie right here – down-home. But is the cash prize so tempting someone will kill for it? Meanwhile, when the historic Montjoy house comes on the market, Ashley and Jon snap it up. They will restore the former boarding house for cash-strapped actors to its Late Georgian grandeur and make it their home. But when Ashley and Jon try to evict the tenants, they find themselves embroiled in feuds involving blind ambition and desperate greed.


Price: $3.99 | ISBN: 0

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Murder at the Azalea Festival By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Murder at the Azalea Festival

By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

In Wilmington, the azaleas are blooming, the dogwoods are flowering, and the bodies are dropping faster than cherry blossoms on a windy day. But it's spring, and Ashley Wilkes, historic preservationist, is much too distracted by love to give a thought to recent homicides, until one occurs at a garden party where she's a guest. When her client is arrested for murder, Ashley tries her darnedest not to get involved. But she knows the actress is innocent. And just who are her most promising suspects? Why, the entire cast of a hot, new locally produced television series.


Price: $3.99 | ISBN: 0

Available on Kindle Only

Murder at the Bellamy Mansion By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Murder at the Bellamy Mansion

By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

When Ashley Wilkes, historic preservationist, and her husband Jon volunteer to restore the belvedere atop the Bellamy Mansion, they have no idea the restoration project will unleash a rash of bizarre murders. First, their general contractor is wounded by a sharp-shooter from a fifth floor window at the Carolina Apartments. Then a guest dies mysteriously at a fund raiser. And a body is found floating in the old cistern. The police are baffled. If the belvedere is ever to be restored, Ashley will just have to catch the murderer herself and get her project back on schedule. Unless, of course, the murderer catches Ashley first!


Price: $3.99 | ISBN: 0

Available on Kindle Only

Murder at the Holiday Flotilla By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Murder at the Holiday Flotilla

By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Why can’t the Wilkes sisters enjoy a quiet, joyful Christmas season like everyone else? Why do their best-laid plans get derailed by murder and mayhem? All Ashley wants is to celebrate a quiet Christmas with Jon and their precious babies. Melanie is about to be inaugurated as the president of the North Carolina Association of Realtors. Her plans include entertaining the state’s social elite at her lavishly restored hunting lodge. How could she foresee that a wealthy developer would take a header down her stairs? It looks like an accident, but is it? Then as Melanie is showing off her latest listing, a fabulous six-million-dollar waterfront property, who does she find in the four-poster bed but a highly controversial state senator, dead by mysterious means. A Colonial-era family will has surfaced that bequeaths a treasure to the descendants. Are Ashley and Melanie heirs to a family fortune? And just what is that fortune and where is it hidden? Is anyone else searching for it? And will they kill to get it!


Price: $3.99 | ISBN: 0

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Murder at Wrightsville Beach By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Murder at Wrightsville Beach

By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

With temperatures in the nineties, Ashley Wilkes, historic preservationist, heads for Wrightsville Beach where sister, Melanie, has rented an oceanfront sleeps-14 "cottage." But murder never takes a vacation and as the body count escalates Ashley realizes there is more to beach life than sun block and fried fish platters. With houseguests and neighbors all behaving suspiciously, Ashley's tempted to retreat back to town where she's restoring a 1920s Georgian Revival house, yet even the restoration site is fraught with danger. And nothing prepares Ashley for a moonlight stroll out on the pier with a crazed killer.


Price: $3.99 | ISBN: 0

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Murder on the Candlelight Tour By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Murder on the Candlelight Tour

By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter


It's a dream come true for historic preservationist Ashley Wilkes: her restored Victorian house is on the Olde Wilmington by Candlelight tour. But her dream quickly turns nightmarish when a docent is murdered in the library, and her friend, history professor Binkie Higgins is the likely suspect. As the bodies drop faster than dead needles off a dry Christmas tree, Ashley's as busy as Santa's elves: proving Binkie's innocence, rescuing sister Melanie and a historic property from a ruthless developer. And, la-di-da, solving the Atlantic Coast Line's 40 year old payroll robbery.


Price: $3.99 | ISBN: 0

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Murder on the Cape Fear By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Murder on the Cape Fear

By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

This sixth book in Ellen Elizabeth Hunter’s popular Wilmington series is set in the Historic District where Ashley Wilkes, historic preservationist, is restoring a former blockade-runner’s home. Captain Pettigrew ran the blockade successfully before he and his ship disappeared during the final days of the Civil War. Letters found in the captain’s house narrate his adventures in his own words. As Ashley’s sister Melanie hosts a real estate investors’ weekend, Ashley stumbles over a corpse at Two Sisters Bookery. Then a terrorist threatens to blow up Memorial Bridge at the height of rush hour and Ashley’s beloved Wilmington is thrown into panic and chaos.


Price: $3.99 | ISBN: 0

Available on Kindle Only

Murder on the Ghost Walk By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Murder on the Ghost Walk

By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Halloween weekend finds Ashley and Melanie dressed to kill at the Cape Fear Crime Festival’s costume party where an evil trickster treats them to murder.


Price: $3.99 | ISBN: 0

Available on Kindle Only

Murder on the ICW By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

Murder on the ICW

By: Ellen Elizabeth Hunter

During the Prohibition Era, moonshine operations flourished along the creeks that fed the Intracoastal Waterway. So Ashley Wilkes, historic preservationist, is not surprised to learn that the hunting lodge she is restoring once housed an operational still. But what she discovers under a small mountain of moonshine bottles is both surprising and shocking. Meanwhile, Melanie's boyfriends are turning up dead. Is she loving them to death? The police think so. Thanksgiving weekend finds Ashley and Melanie sailing in the annual Holiday Flotilla. But are those popping noises they hear fireworks or gunfire?


Price: $3.99 | ISBN: 0

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    Author: Harol Marshall

CORPSE For CUAMANTLA  By: Harol Marshall


By: Harol Marshall
American Anthropologist Anna Merino arrives I the sleepy village of Cuamantla in rural Tlaxcala Mexico to conduct her dissertation research only to find herself embroiled in a homicide and the theft of the village’s most prized possession the Real Cedula a document from King Philip II of Spain dating back to 1551.

The prospect of chronicling her first fiesta fills Anna with anticipation until the death of School Director Pedro Garcia disrupts the Cinco de Mayo celebration. Stress and intrigue ratchet up when Anna becomes entangled in the investigation by inadvertently filmi9ng the murderer. Knowing her life is in danger if the killer realizes she holds the key to his or her identity Anna enlists the help of two handsome and charismatic men at least one of whom wants to capture her affection.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9815763-7-4

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Holy Death By: Harol Marshall

Holy Death

By: Harol Marshall
Travel to Hollywood California for an amusing time with Private Investigator Polly Berger as she helps her ex-husband LAPD Detective Johnny Birdwhistle solve a murder in...




Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9815763-9-8

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    Author: Helen Goodman

Murder And Misdeeds By: Helen Goodman

Murder And Misdeeds

By: Helen Goodman
Fonnie Beachum a retired nurse and an amateur sleuth continues her recovery from a stroke. She can now walk without a cane but still tires easily. She makes plans to attend a wedding at the beach and asks Keisha Riggs her former home-health aide to accompany her. The ceremony is lovely and the newlyweds leave for their honeymoon.

It’s then that events take a dark turn a sudden death becomes suspicious and people go missing. Is the culprit among the wedding party or guests? Fonnie and Keisha both learn that investigating the mystery is a very hazardous thing to do.

Price: $16.95 | ISBN: 978-0-9796866-1-0

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The Blue Goose Is Dead By: Helen Goodman

The Blue Goose Is Dead

By: Helen Goodman
Allison Aldridge is a teacher forthish divorced. She accepts an invitation to spend a week at the Blue Goose Lodge on Lake Lucia.

The lake is lovely and serene but things are not serene at the lodge. Allison is hoping for some rest and recreation. Instead she becomes involved in a murder investigation.

She shares information with the lead detective a bachelor in his fifties and a spark of romance develops. She enjoys her new detective role until she gets too close to the truth and nearly becomes the next victim.

Price: $16.95 | ISBN: 976810867

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Toxic Waste By: Helen Goodman

Toxic Waste

By: Helen Goodman
Fonnie Beachum is recovering from a stroke. She has graduated from a wheelchair to a quad cane and is now ready to go home. Her grandson a rookie cop will be living with her so everything should be fine.

However the town of Groverton North Carolina is embroiled in controversy over a proposed landfill. Bebe Englehook a social activist has formed CATWAG (Citzens Against Toxic Waste At Groverton) to fight the landfill. Fonnie’s loyalties are torn between the owner of the landfill company an old friend and Bebe who is a new friend.

A demonstration against the landfill is brought to an abrupt halt when a female body is found at the site. Fonnie teams up with Bebe to find out more about the murdered woman and why she was killed. Their investigation leads them on a hazardous trip a wild car chase and a search for hidden evidence. In the final showdown Fonnie learns that a cane can be a formidable weapon.

Price: $16.95 | ISBN: 976810867

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    Author: Joanne Clarey

Hummingbird Falls By: Joanne Clarey

Hummingbird Falls

By: Joanne Clarey
Hummingbird Falls is a peaceful mountain village filled with tourists wildlife and beautiful vistas. Then a body is discovered at the bottom of the falls and ugly suspicions run rampant. When Ellie Hastings finds a second body the towns serenity is completely destroyed. Ellie works with Dave Shaffer chief of police to unravel the mysteries past and present which haunt the little town. She uncovers secrets that have been hidden for thirteen years. Then she disappears casting suspicion on the two man police force itself. If that is not enough even nature preys on the village as devastating rains cause the mountain rivers to flood. Hummingbird Falls seems doomed the tourist business shutting down residents evacuating their homes and an unknown killer stalking victims. Will the little village survive these vicious attacks? Will Ellie be found in time? These questions hang over Hummingbird Falls like the storm clouds threatening and dark.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 0-9768108-1-6

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Riddled To Death By: Joanne Clarey

Riddled To Death

By: Joanne Clarey
In RIDDLED TO DEATH Ellie Hastings receives a series of threatening notes presented as riddles. She must solve the riddles by the deadline or something unknown and terrible will happen. An unidentified woman is murdered a child is missing a strange family suddenly moves into the village and gunshots threaten the residents. Ellie joins with Chief Dave Shaffer to investigate the most puzzling mysteries she has faced. Who is the riddler and why has he targeted Ellie? Accompanied by her beloved mutt Buddy Ellie attempts to follow the clues solve the riddles and protect her little mountain village from the unknown.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 09768108-7-5

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Skinned By: Joanne Clarey


By: Joanne Clarey
When forensic psychologist Christie McMorrow and detective Bill Drummond investigate the grisly murders of 3 young girls they discover human traffickers operating a child prostitution ring. Suspecting collusion between the traffickers FBI state and local authorities Christie and Bill search for evidence to indict the conspirators.

Stephen Scott a psychopathic killer who has returned to Maine to finish his mission to kill Cristie brings their search to a horrifying end. Bill fights for his sanity. Christie fights for her soul as she struggles to recover from the tortuous post-traumatic consequences of Scott’s previous assault.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9790949-0-3

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The Fall Hunt By: Joanne Clarey

The Fall Hunt

By: Joanne Clarey
Autumn brings beauty fun and excitement to the tiny mountain village of Hummingbird Falls as residents play and the fall hunting season begins. But fall brings trouble too.

Bank robbers take Ellie Hastings hostage. Suffering post-traumatic reactions she struggles to remember a crucial clue.

Police Chief Dave Shaffer searches for his officers as first Colby Conners and then Rosie O’Rourke disappear.

An unexpected fall blizzard threatens three lost hunters and an old black bear named Scar Face.

The Fall Hunt is on Ellie hunts for her memory Dave hunts for his officers three lost men hunt for help the robbers hunt for their money and Scar Face hunts for survival.

“Spin-tingling and fast paced THE FALL HUNT is also sweet. I’m enthralled by Hummingbird Falls and its folks.” The Book Reporter. 5 stars.

“A perfect combination for a mystery novel…smooth writing style and Clarey’s characters… so interesting and her narrator so likeable we want more.” Writers Digest.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-09796866-6-5

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Twisted Truth By: Joanne Clarey

Twisted Truth

By: Joanne Clarey
Christie knew she would have to fight him with what she did best. Her only defense against the madman was her psychological training and skill her knowledge of the motivations and behaviors of the criminally insane. Tied and wounded hidden where no one would think to look for her outwitting her tormentor was her only hope for survival.

Dr. Christine McMorrow dedicates her life to helping victims of trauma in private practice and as a consultant to the Maine State Task Force on Violence. She believes that truth will prevail bringing healing and justice.

Stephen Scott dedicates his life to bringing his perverted truth to the world. Tortured and programmed as a child to believe that the ritualistic murder of women will expose them as innately evil his mission is to encourage others to follow his path. When Christie disappears her colleague Detective Bill Drummond and housemate Alex Harris do all they can to find the woman they both love.Can Christie save herself? Will Bill or Alex find her in time? Or will Stephen’s twisted truth triumph over an innocent woman once again?

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 0-9725031-8-8

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    Author: John Staples

Make Love Drive Freeway By: John Staples

Make Love Drive Freeway

By: John Staples
In Make Love Drive Freeway the author provides a glimpse into the realm of enlightenment that Zen Master Charlotte Joko Beck calls “nothing special.” Nothing that is unless one considers living one’s life in absolute joy as something of little consequence.

Price: $8.00 | ISBN: 0-9725031-9-6

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Perfect Imperfection By: John Staples

Perfect Imperfection

By: John Staples
Charles Edward Edmunds the primary character of Perfect Imperfection prefers to be called by the acronym ‘CEE’. It is simple and similar to the word ‘see’ which to him is the sine qua non of all human knowledge. He believes science and education must be rooted in observation which leads to understanding the world in both its objective and subjective manifestations. He believes information based in linguistic concepts tends to distort the average human’s view of reality creating misunderstanding and chaos. Ironically he also believes that nature’s direction is fundamentally chaotic and that “the varieties of imperfection in the universe constitute the perfection that God intended for” as he says “that is what She got.”

Perfect Imperfection is the second of two novels based in the imaginary North Carolina town of Conners Hill located in the state’s central Piedmont region. In it a core of opportunistic entrepreneurs seek to push through a bill in the state legislature legalizing privately owned gambling casinos. Because of the city’s central location they want to build the first one in Conner’s Hill and to expand outward from there. They enlist the aid of a woman named Vivian Blaine to convince several skeptical town leaders that casino gambling would be good for the state and local economy. Blaine a vivacious blonde known for her seemingly wanton sexual escapades has her own strategic agenda. Her agenda changes when she is beaten and left for dead at Conners Hill Lake Park. The event also changes the lives of a number of Conners Hill residents as well as that of a Mafia-connected “investment banker” from New York City.

Author John Staples began his writing career as a senior at Kernersville High School in Kernersville N.C. After graduating from Duke University and three years in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve he worked as teacher an automobile claims adjuster and as a community newspaper reporter and editor for thirty years.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9815763-8-1

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    Author: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Duo Of Opposites By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Duo Of Opposites

By: Lynnette Hall Hampton
Duo Of Opposites Once naďve Amy Cunningham leaves her childhood home there is no turning back – not even after she is involved in an accident that robs her of everything she owns. Still fighting the demons of her past she is rescued by mysterious Jason Broughton who is touring the country on his Harley-Davidson.

They both expect to separate as soon as a doctor is found to treat her wounds but when the angry doctor sees her injuries as a crime they are forced to flee for their lives. Unforeseen dangers and circumstances keep throwing the unlikely twosome together. As their conflicting personalities surface it leads the reader to wonder if this pair of opposites can ever become a duo.

Price: $16.95 | ISBN: 0-9725031-7-x

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Echoes Of Mercy By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Echoes Of Mercy

By: Lynnette Hall Hampton
A thunderous explosion in the graveyard made us all jump and several people scream. The air in the southeast corner of the cemetery was immediately filled with dust debris and chunks of granite tombstone.

Thus begins the newest adventure of Reverend Willa Hinshaw the Assistant Minister at First United Methodist Church in Liverpool NC.

Did Elva Kingfield have a bomb in the flowers that she placed on her husband’s grave only minutes before the explosion?

Is Leo Kingfield’s ghost really visiting Elva as she claims it is?

By befriending Elva is Reverend Willa placing her own life in jeopardy?

And of course the question that was raised in Lynette Hall Hampton’s first novel JILTED BY DEATH will the romance between Willa and the Baptist preacher Trent Freeman come to a satisfying end?

In ECHOES OF MERCY Lynette Hall Hampton reaches out into the town of Liverpool to introduce the reader to several new characters while bringing back many that we know from her first novel.

Price: $13.95 | ISBN: 978-0-9790949-9-6

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Fun With The Bible By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Fun With The Bible

By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

FUN WITH THE BIBLE is a challenging activity book that teaches Bible history as one matches wits with the puzzles word-find games and other thought provoking activities. It is not intended that the book make a person feel they know all about the Bible but it will give them some basic knowledge about the characters and events that the Bible contains. Though the book is written for young adults anyone from eight to eighty will enjoy this stimulating book and will have fun with the Bible.

Price: $6.99 | ISBN: 0-9725031-7-x

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Writer To Writer By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Writer To Writer

By: Lynnette Hall Hampton
WRITER TO WRITER (The writing book I wish I’d had 20 years ago) is a book that gives sage advice to the seasoned as well as the beginning writer. One reading is not enough to grasp the impact that this book can have on a newbie’s writing career. It touches on all aspects of writing and of the feelings that a fledging writer goes through. The easy to read short chapters give encouragement stimulation and a feeling that you don’t have to be alone as a writer. As the author takes the reader through the events that led to her publication one gets the sense that they can do it too.

Price: $12.99 | ISBN: 0-9725031-1-0

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    Author: Nancy Gotter Gates

Death At Play Murder at the Reenactiment  By: Nancy Gotter Gates

Death At Play Murder at the Reenactiment

By: Nancy Gotter Gates
Tommi Poag joins the board of the condo homeowners’ association and soon finds the members embroiled in a lawsuit filed by an irate homeowner whose show dog escapes when house painters inadvertently let it out. Not long after the same homeowner is murdered during the reenactment of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse a Revolutionary War battle where he plays the role of a sutler or merchant. Tommi’s friend Garland Merritt a Captain in the Continentals is arrested when trace amounts of the victim’s blood are found on his sword.

When Tommi’s ex-husband Bernard becomes Garland’s defense attorney he enlists her help. She begins to unravel an intricate web of complicity that links several people involved in scams and larceny which leads to a second death. Her friend Frank returns to Greensboro from Wisconsin because of his daughter’s ill health and he helps Tommi uncover the connections that finally solve the case. This makes them a prime target for the bad guys and they experience several close calls which temporarily slow them down before they ultimately flush out the villains.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-09815763-4-3

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Death On Disaster Day By: Nancy Gotter Gates

Death On Disaster Day

By: Nancy Gotter Gates
Tommi Poag enlisted by her divorce lawyer and friend Evan McCandless to participate in a disaster exercise at a Girl Scout camp grudgingly agrees to be a “victim.” Once the exercise is over Tommi is horrified to find Evan dead at the camp’s border his fake blood commingling with the real thing.

When Tommi’s ex Bernard suggests that Evan had many enemies she considers it sour grapes because Evan had filed a malpractice suit against Bernard. Tommi is shocked when Bernard is arrested for Evan’s murder and accused of the killing of an insurance investigator originally thought to be a robbery gone wrong.

Tommi still harbors feelings of betrayal over the fact that Bernard left her for a younger lawyer after 33 years of marriage Bernard’s new wife begs Tommi to look into these deaths and Tommi feels compelled to help. Her investigation brings her and her loved ones into grave danger that nearly stops her in her tracks.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-09796866-9-6

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Short and Sinister By: Nancy Gotter Gates

Short and Sinister

By: Nancy Gotter Gates
Short and Sinister is an anthology of short stories by five prominent North Carolina Authors Diane Lambright Berry Nancy Gotter Gates Elizabeth DiMeo Helen Goodman and Dorothy P. Oneil.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9796866-4-1

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Squall Line By: Nancy Gotter Gates

Squall Line

By: Nancy Gotter Gates
When Emma Daniels is approached by a stranger and asked to deliver a note about a gallery in Rochester NY to an artist who regularly paints on Siesta Beach she agrees because the man tells her he’s been unexpectedly called out of town. But when the note turns out to be a ransom note for the artist’s grandmother Emma unwittingly becomes involved. Her attempt to help Beth Wilkinson find “Grandy” not only fails but Emma is drawn even further into this deadly game when Beth’s body washes ashore after she leaves to deliver the ransom. The police believe Beth’s boat capsized during a squall. But Emma has reason not to believe their theory. Once she begins to trace Beth’s steps she finds not only is her own life in jeopardy but her son Mark has become a target as well

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 9.87098E+12

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When Push Comes To Death By: Nancy Gotter Gates

When Push Comes To Death

By: Nancy Gotter Gates
Tommi Poag dumped by her lawyer husband after 33 years works in an insurance office where she meets Nina Sellars who’s come to transfer her husband’s million dollar policy from California to Oak Ridge NC where they now live. The two women discover that Tommi’s ex-husband is a first cousin to Nina’s father Frank but neither woman knows why the men have not spoken to each other in thirty Years. A few months later after Tommi and Nina have become fast friends Nina is accused of killing her husband when their car is pushed into Lake Brandt. Tommi’s ex Bernard takes the case much to her chagrin and she decides to surreptitiously help Nina not sure that Bernard is capable. Another murder a fire at Tommi’s condo and an attempt on her life do not deter her. Devastating truths are unlocked as she delves into the family relationships.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9790949-7-2

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    Author: Shirley Maxwell

Guilty Until Proven Innocent By: Shirley Maxwell

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

By: Shirley Maxwell
When Josh Baker returns home unexpectedly from a secret mission with the Special Forces in Afghanistan he finds his wife Becky with another man. The men struggle and Josh is knocked unconscious. The following day they are discovered Josh still unconscious his wife dead. Now the prime suspect Josh’s defense is based on memory loss due to a concussion. Nevertheless he is tried found guilty and begins serving a life sentence at Butner Prison.

There attempts are made on his life. He begins having vivid nightmares. One night he awakens from a terrifying dream and realizes he recognized the face of the killer. His memory is returning. He is determined to escape and try to prove his innocence. His cell mate and friend Big Al reminds him that no one has ever successfully fled from Butner. But Josh believes it’s his only hope to save his life and shed the stigma of being Guilty until Proven Innocent.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 9.78098E+12

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Killer's List By: Shirley Maxwell

Killer's List

By: Shirley Maxwell

In the dark, clandestine heart of Washington D.C, a top-secret file containing a list of names has been hacked by a fanatical terrorist. The Killer’s List is the exciting sequel to, Guilty Until Proven Innocent, and the escapades of a band of Special Forces soldiers who surreptitiously entered Afghanistan following 9/11 and rode to war on horses. Taliban leader, Abdul, is intent on seeking revenge against these soldiers for the death of his family. With the list of names, he travels to Boston to join forces with his terrorist brothers. Together they cross the country to kill those on the list. Josh Baker, a Special Forces officers, meets and falls in love with beautiful, Jennifer O’Neill, a state trooper from Swansboro, North Carolina. The two team up with the Special Forces soldiers to formulate a plan, and find themselves surrounded by the terrorists.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 9780991266005

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Killers List By: Shirley Maxwell

Killers List

By: Shirley Maxwell

In the dark, clandestine heart of Washington D.C, a top-secret file containing a list of names has been hacked by a fanatical terrorist. The Killer’s List is the exciting sequel to, Guilty Until Proven Innocent, and the escapades of a band of Special Forces soldiers who surreptitiously entered Afghanistan following 9/11 and rode to war on horses. 

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 9780991266005

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