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    Author: Bruce Boyer

24 7 Stories of Faith From Everyday Life By: Bruce Boyer

24 7 Stories of Faith From Everyday Life

By: Bruce Boyer

Through the use of everyday experiences Bruce shares how God is available to us and meets each of us where we are. The stories inspire as a personal devotion or in a group/business setting.” Terra Lynn Dearth, (National) Director YMCA Christian Leadership Conferences and Rag/Leathers Program “Bruce has a gift of taking an everyday situation and finding God’s fingerprints. It’s a down to earth approach to making our spiritual walk come to life.

I relate to his writing and am inspired to open my eyes to try to find real lessons in my own life.” Bob Kahle, Executive Director Fairview Lakes YMCA Camps “Bruce Boyer’s writings inspire Christians who desire to discover the peace and joy in everyday moments. I highly recommend this book as a devotional. Reading it is an opportunity to help take a break from the demands of everyday life and consider the Glory of God as shown through acts of kindness and grace in our community.” Mayor Dawn H. Morgan The first two chapters of this book provide Bruce’s perspective of his son being lost in the Amazon rainforest, and how their rescue changed many lives. This true story has been nationally featured on two different Discovery Channel dramatizations; I Shouldn’t Be Alive (Into the Heart of Darkness episode) and Secrets of Survival (Lost in the Amazon.)

Price: $19.99 | ISBN: 978-0-9912660-6-7

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Touchpoints of Faith By: Bruce Boyer

Touchpoints of Faith

By: Bruce Boyer

“Bruce Boyer is a sweet spirited man of God and this truth soaks through all of his devotional writings. His approach of taking the everyday event and seeing the way, the love, or the mission of God in the world today, will build up sensitivity in you to see God in your own life everyday as well! If you are an everyday man or woman of God looking for Him in your life you will love this devotional journey.”
Pastor Keith Speaks, Senior Pastor
Hales Corners Lutheran Church
Hales Corner, Wisconsin.

“Bruce Boyer’s writings remind us that God is always working in our lives, through every situation and circumstance. These short, easy to read devotionals help you reflect on our God and Savior Jesus Christ through a powerful message and include questions to reflect on, scripture, and a prayer. This time of reflection on God’s greatness will prepare you to enjoy the blessings God has already planned for you that day.”
Oscar Manuel Aguirre, Executive Director
Pan de Vida Foundation
Quito, Ecuador.

“Bruce impacted many lives in his strong career living out the true Christian Mission of the YMCA every day. Touchpoints of Faith is a wonderful capstone for his work and meaningfully extends his calling to serve others. For each of us, our daily walk and work as leaders and citizens of the world will be encouraged and guided by the rich inspiration found in these chapters of thoughtful devotions created by Godly women and men.”
Andy C. Calhoun
YMCA Director, 1972-present.

“Within the YMCA organization there are always opportunities to share tried and true, faith-based lessons. We are constantly seeking tools and resources that reflect the good news of God’s grace. Bruce Boyer’s devotional book allows staff and participants the chance to share the Christian Mission through stories and experiences found throughout its pages.”
Rosemary Suess, Executive Director
Jerry Long Family YMCA
Winston-Salem, NC.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 9780986179099

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    Author: Daniel G Winklosky

Continuing Education By: Daniel G  Winklosky

Continuing Education

By: Daniel G Winklosky

This book is the result of a dream author Daniel Winklosky experienced in 1984 while in Kyoto, Japan. One night as he slept, he saw the words Self, Love, Goodness, Knowledge, and Oneness, emblazoned across a brilliant rainbow. From the moment he woke, he has searched for meaning and confirmation for those five words, which he feels define the stages of all our lives. He used many resource guides, attended lectures and classes as well as the Bible in his journey for knowledge and enlightenment. Each stage lasts 12 years. The focus for each stage is the maturing process of love, which defines one of our five levels of consciousness. At the highest level of love is spiritual consciousness; as we experience joy and unconditional love. This is our national destiny and promise. Do you accept the challenge to attain spiritual enlightenment?

Price: $23.00 | ISBN: 9780986030055

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Short Stories By: Daniel G  Winklosky

Short Stories

By: Daniel G Winklosky

In the same dream on three consecutive nights before the 9/11 tragedy, Daniel was in a high rise building, seeing an airplane coming at him. After 9/11, he became aware of how the consciousness of Americans awakened. There was the initial 3rd dimensional emotion of deadly vengeance. Weeks later the 4th dimensional conscious expression called for the capture of the culprits, their trial, and execution, if guilty. Months later came the 5th dimensional level of conscious thought, which questioned their hate, and how to replace hate with love. Finally, the 6th level of consciousness was understood by a few who knew God to be in control of all things, and aligned their Light energy to serve His will. This book is a reflection on the crucial issues facing every individual in the United States. How the scenarios will play out in the future is uncertain, even including the threat of nuclear war. Daniel recognized the five levels of consciousness within the American psyche, and now encourages America to WAKE UP to its true spirituality and eliminate evil as our national responsibility and destiny. It is his hope that these stories alert Americans to do the right thing, to believe in, return to the truth, and freedom as a Christian nation. The book reflects the varied experiences and beliefs he's enjoyed in this lifetime and now shares with you.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 9780986030048

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    Author: Georgianna Penn

The Many Languages & Peaces of God  By: Georgianna Penn

The Many Languages & Peaces of God

By: Georgianna Penn
The Many Languages & Peaces of God

I would like to thank you for picking up this book…this is my journey my faith story.

For years I have been managing chronic fatigue syndrome and Fibromyalgia. Now after seven years I have finally found a voice for my pain… and my joy.

Through God’s many gifts and inspirations I have found hope. Life brings us many challenges but also many blessings.

This book is simply about hope love and faith. It is made up of poems and essays written over the past two years inspired by the Holy Spirit my church my pain my love of others and God… and all the amazing graces along the way.

The book is broken up into twelve gifts. In the back of the book you will find a workbook designed to take you through your own journey towards peace and wholeness.

I hope you enjoy the book and find some peace along the way.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9796866-0-3

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    Author: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Duo Of Opposites By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Duo Of Opposites

By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Duo Of Opposites Once na've Amy Cunningham leaves her childhood home there is no turning back,  not even after she is involved in an accident that robs her of everything she owns. Still fighting the demons of her past she is rescued by mysterious Jason Broughton who is touring the country on his Harley-Davidson. They both expect to separate as soon as a doctor is found to treat her wounds but when the angry doctor sees her injuries as a crime they are forced to flee for their lives. Unforeseen dangers and circumstances keep throwing the unlikely twosome together. As their conflicting personalities surface it leads the reader to wonder if this pair of opposites can ever become a duo.

Price: $16.95 | ISBN: 0-9725031-7-x

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Echoes Of Mercy By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Echoes Of Mercy

By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

A thunderous explosion in the graveyard made us all jump and several people scream. The air in the southeast corner of the cemetery was immediately filled with dust debris and chunks of granite tombstone. Thus begins the newest adventure of Reverend Willa Hinshaw the Assistant Minister at First United Methodist Church in Liverpool NC. Did Elva Kingfield have a bomb in the flowers that she placed on her husband's grave only minutes before the explosion? Is Leo Kingfield's ghost really visiting Elva as she claims it is? By befriending Elva is Reverend Willa placing her own life in jeopardy? And of course the question that was raised in Lynette Hall Hampton's first novel JILTED BY DEATH will the romance between Willa and the Baptist preacher Trent Freeman come to a satisfying end? In ECHOES OF MERCY Lynette Hall Hampton reaches out into the town of Liverpool to introduce the reader to several new characters while bringing back many that we know from her first novel.

Price: $13.95 | ISBN: 978-0-9790949-9-6

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Fun With The Bible By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Fun With The Bible

By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

FUN WITH THE BIBLE is a challenging activity book that teaches Bible history as one matches wits with the puzzles word-find games and other thought provoking activities. It is not intended that the book make a person feel they know all about the Bible but it will give them some basic knowledge about the characters and events that the Bible contains. Though the book is written for young adults anyone from eight to eighty will enjoy this stimulating book and will have fun with the Bible.

Price: $6.99 | ISBN: 0-9725031-7-x

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Writer To Writer By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

Writer To Writer

By: Lynnette Hall Hampton

WRITER TO WRITER (The writing book I wish I'd had 20 years ago) is a book that gives sage advice to the seasoned as well as the beginning writer. One reading is not enough to grasp the impact that this book can have on a newbie's writing career. It touches on all aspects of writing and of the feelings that a fledging writer goes through. The easy to read short chapters give encouragement stimulation and a feeling that you don't have to be alone as a writer. As the author takes the reader through the events that led to her publication one gets the sense that they can do it too.

Price: $12.99 | ISBN: 0-9725031-1-0

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