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    Author: Dixie Land

Circle of Secrets By: Dixie Land

Circle of Secrets

By: Dixie Land
A story of International Intrigue and Romance

In this departure from her usual romantic suspense Land takes readers on an action packed ride from ornate embassies and opulant homes of the fabulously wealthy in the Colombian business and political world to the remote jungle hideaway of a treacherous drug lord.

As their lives converge her characters discover theyre linked not only by circumstance but by the secrets each carry as well.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 0-9725031-5-3

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Deadly Beauty By: Dixie Land

Deadly Beauty

By: Dixie Land

In Deadly Company Diana Delaney narrowly escaped death at the hands of Ashley Marsh and Rob her accomplice. During her rescue Rob was killed and Ashley suffered a head injury that led to amnesia. She was confined to a mental hospital for treatment before standing trial for kidnapping and attempted murder. As Deadly Beauty begins Ashley who has kept the return of her memory a secret has escaped from the institution with another patient and disappeared without a trace. Months later the wreckage of a car and remains of the man she fled with are found at the foot of a North Carolina mountain. Remnants of her clothing are scattered near the crash site. Her bank accounts are still open her condo is untouched there has been no contact. At last, it appears Diana and Lance are free of Ashley and her obsession with him, or are they?

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 9.78098E+12

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Deadly Company By: Dixie Land

Deadly Company

By: Dixie Land

Dixie Land captures readers with engaging characters complex plots and the characteristic story twists.

In this her ninth nover. mortal threats force Diana Delaney to flee her Midwest home.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-09823005-1-0

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Exit Wounds By: Dixie Land

Exit Wounds

By: Dixie Land

Recommended as another great read by a North Carolina author in the 2005 October issue of OUR STATE MAGAZINE.

Lisa York thought she had the perfect husband the perfect family the perfect marriage. There’s an old adage…if it seems to be good to be true it probably is. Lisa learned the truth of that in a cruel way. Heartbroken and insecure as her life crumbles around her she acts on a foolish impulse in a moment of weakness and finds herself a suspect in a murder investigation. Dixie Land’s third romantic suspense novel will captivate readers with realistic complex characters a finely hewn plot and engrossing prose

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 0-9725031-4-5

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Fatal Affair By: Dixie Land

Fatal Affair

By: Dixie Land

After Abigail Worthington suffers a stroke, the wealthy widow makes two critical decisions that will change her life and the lives of those around her. First, she hires nurse/companion Lydia Chandler, and second, she decides to spend the summer at her beloved beach home where she hopes to rest and continue her rehabilitation. Before leaving for the beach, Abigail informs her property manager of her plan. But in her eagerness to return, she decides to go a day early without notifying anyone. What she and Lydia find when they reach Abigail's home stuns them. Thus begins the first of a number of incidents that throw this entire elite community into shock and turns their summer into turmoil. A romance heats up in the wealthy neighborhood known as The Cove as scandals threaten the careers of some very high profile individuals even reaching into the Federal Government.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 9780986030093

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Finding Faith By: Dixie Land

Finding Faith

By: Dixie Land

Finding Faith is a page-turner brimming with vibrant characters. Dixie Land weaves a wonderful tale of personal growth love and renewed spiritual awakening. Rachel Faith Hargrave seems to have it all friends a successful decorating business and a wealthy socially prominent husband Oliver whom she adores. When tragedy separates them just months into their marriage she retreats to their South Carolina beachfront home heartbroken and embittered. She soon learns that you can't escape your past when to her shock Oliver's name becomes embroiled in scandal. As she fights to clear the Hargrave name Faith must face the wrath of a hostile spoiled stepdaughter a humiliating public trial overwhelming legal fees and the failure of her own business. Along the way Faith encounters handsome mysteriously private Marcus Hall. Though he becomes Faith's confidant his personal life remains shrouded. As they grow closer and Marcus's secret unfolds it not only threatens the new life Faith is creating but becomes an impediment to their future together. In Finding Faith Dixie Land delivers a captivating story of one woman's remarkable journey from loss and despair to triumphant self- discovery and renewed faith.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 0-9725031-3-7

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Grave Secrets By: Dixie Land

Grave Secrets

By: Dixie Land

Susan Slade's life was about as good as it gets. The only child of middle-aged parents she grew up secure in their love. A young woman now she's surrounded by friends and a wonderful man who wants to marry her. Her picture perfect life begins to unravel with the deaths of her parents only months apart. Her pain deepens as she begins to settle their estate and discovers a bundle of documents, documents that shake Susan's faith in all she thought was real. Thus begins an anguishing search for her true identity that takes Susan to the N.C. coast and into the arms of another man. The suspense is never-ending as she defies forces intent on blocking her search and follows a trail of buried secrets that uncover forbidden liaisons and dark deadly scandals in her ancestry.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-09796866-2

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Guarded Secrets By: Dixie Land

Guarded Secrets

By: Dixie Land

The gates of Remington Way guard more than the grand estate of aging philanthropist and former Academy-Award-winning movie queen Carla Desmond Remington. After her beloved husband dies Carla contacts freelance writer Kristi Kallen to pen her memoirs from secret journals Carla has kept through the years. Kristi moves into one of the estate's guest cottages and soon realizes all is not as it seems among the staff which Carla treats more as close friends than employees. As the manuscript progresses Kristi becomes part of that inner circle. She finds herself increasingly attracted to handsome and somewhat mysterious Rand Harrison foreman of the grounds and gardens who enjoys very special privileges on the estate. As the intimate details of Carla's life unfold Kristi uncovers scandals illicit affairs and the wrongful conviction in a decades-old murder that still haunts her. With this knowledge comes danger when an unexpected turn puts both women's lives in peril.

Price: $20.00 | ISBN: 9.78098E+12

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Promises to Keep By: Dixie Land

Promises to Keep

By: Dixie Land

The fast paced sequel to Circle of Secrets. “An action packed novel balanced by a tender love story.” ...Joanne Clarey.

Every successful operative gathers enemies throughout his career Agent Alex Sheridan is no exception. When powerful drug lord Alfonse Guarino escapes from prison he is obsessed with seeking revenge against Alex for destroying his lucrative drug empire. Alex and Angelina plan a romantic evening wihout their two-year-old daughter. Alex enters their home to find his wife bound to a chair surrounded by three gunmen weapons aimed at him. Critically wounded and left for dead Alex wakes to learn Angelina has vanished without a trace. His only clue a taunting note from Guarino “I promised you’d pay! This is so perfect. Your wife is convinced you’re dead. You know she is alive. What a lovely sensous woman she is!” A pursuit that spans two continents begins and every avenue Alex explores becomes a dead-end. Even her family’s fortune can’t buy them the ticket to Guarino. He has simply disappeared. Like many others who have found the dark-haired blue-eyed beauty irresistible Guarino is captivated by Angelina. His deepest desire turns from vengeance to a compelling passion for her love. As the puzzle is pieced together lives are indangered and relationships are threatened and answers come from some shocking sources. In this deadly cat and mouse game where the villain controls all the moves Land hooks readers on the first page and holds them to the last.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 0-9768108-0-8

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Return to Serenity By: Dixie Land

Return to Serenity

By: Dixie Land

The misty Carolina moon casts a dim glow in the evening sky as dusk gathered around them. Ross pulled Maggie into an embrace and kissed her with such intensity that she fell against him. Gently he eased her down onto the lush green grass at the water's edge. His lips never left hers as he lowered himself over her. You're the world to me Maggie, my everything, he whispered, his voice husky with passion. In Return To Serenity, the sequel to Serenity, tensions build as Maggie and Ross are forced to deal with problems from their pasts coupled with new threats that arise to endanger their very way of life. In this Dixie Land's seventh romantic suspense novel the many reader's requests to know more about Maggie and Ross Harrington's lives have been satisfied.

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 978-0-9790949-6-5

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Second Chances By: Dixie Land

Second Chances

By: Dixie Land

When Grace Garret makes an unannounced after-hours stop at her husband Andrew's law offices their lives begin a downward spiral that leads to a nightmare of betrayal decades-old secrets and murder! In this her sixth novel Land creates compelling characters whose complicated relationships weave a tale of intrigue and suspense. The story's fast-paced twists and turns keep her readers turning the pages and eagerly awaiting her next offering!

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 0-9768108-4-0

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Serenity By: Dixie Land


By: Dixie Land

Misplaced trust and a broken heart send Maggie Thornton RN fleeing from her position in a big-city hospital in search of a fresh start. Unexpectedly she finds herself lured to the charming hamlet of Serenity North Carolina. Friendly townspeople persuade her to stay temporarily. A desperate discovery keeps her there. She settles in as a clinic nurse for the community's only doctor and vows to allow no man into her heart again. Enter handsome Ross Harrington carrying his own wounds from the past. They are increasing drawn to one another. As Maggie's wounds begin to heal, ex-fiance, Dr. Michael Kerns arrives in Serenity carrying a deep secret about Maggie. Frightened by Michael's bizarre behavior as he frantically tries to win her back before she learns it Maggie ultimately discovers that his motives are etched in greed which places her in the direct path of danger. While Maggie and Ross's friendship intensifies their lives are thrown into turmoil as Michael's knowledge catapults them on a terrifying journey into a dangerous love triangle. Realistic sharp-edged and complex Dixie Lands debut novel is so suspenseful it zings like a high-tension wire. With a powerhouse ending and sparkling

Price: $15.00 | ISBN: 0-9725031-0-2

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